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How to write a Job Description

A well thought out and comprehensive job description is essential to ensure the right candidate is recruited in to your oragnisation. Start your position description with a detailed background of the company, then move into the specifics of the role.

1) Define the Position Objectives and Responsibilities

Position descriptions should include objectives that clearly explain the purpose of the job. Outline the responsibilities and duties grouped together in key areas and list both ongoing and daily duties in order of importance.

2) Outline the Position Qualifications

For the best chance of attracting the right candidate, it is important to list the criteria that they must have to be considered for the job. This includes specifications for education, experience, knowledge, technical skills and any transferable skills.

3) Highlight and differentiate between NON Negotiable and Desirable

Unfortunately, you will never get every requirement met on a job spec thus its critical to establish which areas of the role are non negotiable and which areas you can show flexibility on.

4) Esatblish the salary band upfront and be flexible on the requireements if the budget is limited

Some companies loose out on the best talent in the market because they offer salaires that are not market related. If the budget is set and can not be extended then it may be best to reconsider the expectations of the job spec. The effect of not having a strategic role filled is much more detrimental and costly then appointing a hard working, ambitious and fast learning candidate that can be groomed into the role.

How to retain Top Talent

Unfortunately, there is no set formula when it comes to retaining top talent because no two employees are ever the same. There are however certain guidelines that must be followed to ensure that you mitigating the risk of loosing your best employees.
Each employee has a specific combination of drivers that motivate them to invest their talents and energies in a company. Taking the time to discover what your employees need to thrive will help you to retain top performers and develop them into the future leaders of your company.

Here are some tips to help keep your employees motivated, engaged and committed to your business.

1) Reward and Recognize

Recognizing and rewarding accomplishments is one of the most powerful retention strategies. Boost your employees’ visibility by publicly recognizing them at staff meetings or through a business-wide email. Taking the time to say a genuine thank you is also an easy and effective way to make people feel valued and appreciated for their efforts. Compensate your employees for their hard work with appropriate monetary rewards (such as a salary increase or bonus) or non-monetary incentives (such as the opportunity to lead a new project) to assist with career progression.

2) Empower and Enable

For employees to succeed in their role, a sense of personal ownership in their work is essential. Provide a clear understanding of deliverables and timeframes, and then give them the space to decide how that work gets completed.

3) Challenge and Develop

Opportunities for growth and advancement are key to retaining your top performers. High achievers tend to be life-long learners, so be sure to provide ongoing training to keep their skills up-to-date and advance them to their next promotion. Challenge your staff with new responsibilities and allow them to lead projects where they can be stimulated and acquire new skills.