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How many instances has there been where you have come across the best candidate but you simply cannot afford them and eventhough they are the best fit for your company, they are way you’re your budget.

Finding the right candidate at the right time is in itself is an uphill task. Further, when you look at the additional financial constraints- hiring the best talent van turn out to be an unconquerable challenge.

Most interviewers may have the misconception that compensation is the master key in convincing a candidate to join their organization. Well, it’s actually not. Research has shown that remuneration is not the only way to win over the best candidates.

There are a multitude of factors that come into play, sometimes the individual is looking for a shorter distance to work, greater experience in a specific industry or sector and sometimes there are non-financial perks that can help win them over.

Below are some tips that will help you close a candidate and help you sell your organization in the best possible way:

Offer Them A Better Designation
Its critical to understand where a candidate is and where they want to go, in their career. Once you determine their need, lure them with a slightly higher level title within your corporate environment. This works extremely well with candidates that are ambitious and highly driven. They will see the confidence that you have in them and aspire to do more and be more.

Offer good benefits:

In today’s corporate world, health insurance benefits and retirement plans are considered as baseline perks at an organization.

Instead, of only focusing on the “stock standard” benefits, perhaps look into other beneficial perks like working remotely or from home, company car, additional annual leave, and most importantly always remember to reward high performers with a BONUS! Most of the candidates will appreciate this and choose your organization.

Endorse Your Company Culture
There are many candidates who will choose a company that has a great culture as opposed to a company that only offers a great salary package. During the interview process, don’t forget to highlight your company culture and highlight what makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

As you know, it is the candidates driven market and good candidates are normally presented with multiple opportunities. Thus don’t overlook the importance of stressing your company culture as this could help you get ahead in the race for TOP TALENT.

Proven Tips to Help You Hire Candidates That Are Over Your Budget

Highlight the Progress with Career Growth Opportunities
Many candidates are looking for opportunities to grow their careers and commit to a long term partnership if a company is committed to teaching them new skills, rewarding them and recognizing their high achievement. So, ensure that the candidate knows, that they will have ample opportunity to learn and grow within your business.

This will help you attract Top calibre candidates for your organization. Give them the commitment that they will be working with industry experts and on high profile projects, to ensure you get them invested.

End of The Line: Lastly, stay positive knowing that not all talented individuals are focused exclusively on hefty packages. Certain individuals look to learn from industry experts and grow their careers. So, never think a talented candidate is out from you reach, rather rely on the best recruitment agencies in Johannesburg to help you attract and secure the best candidates in the market.