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Talent deprivation or crunch has been a sore point for most business leaders worldwide. As industry challenges soar, hiring managers have to up the ante to scavenge for the best talent for the jobs. There are different strategies formulated in order to recruit right candidates but, often they flounder to meet the desired purpose.

Herein, this blog will shed light on some effective ways to cut through the quagmire and find the best road to the coveted talent for your company:

Review your hiring strategies
Most companies continue to follow their standard foot rules for recruitment, despite getting no favorable outcomes. For instance, paper ads when most of the prospective employees search jobs online. So balanced investment in the different hiring resources is conspicuously missing. You can continue with the conventional hiring, but do not underestimate the power on other digital channels for streaming the most competitive employees. If you’re hiring for niche skills, then certainly the quintessential hiring strategies have to be abandoned to hunt for the right candidate at the right place – job websites, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.

Indulge in Active Recruitment
Can you afford to sit idle after posting a job ad? Whether it is for any regular job or an urgent project need, you can’t wait for days or weeks to keep the ad running. You are exhausting your crucial resources, for nothing. Get on with actively posting about the job opening on other platforms such as official social media pages, website, referrals, word of mouth, etc. Spread the word around for the kind of candidate you’re looking for. Also, nurture your talent pipeline for they are possibly the easiest to reach out to if the talent crunch pinches you deeply.

Open to unconventional employment
Gone are the days when standard 9-5 jobs ruled the roost. It’s the time of millenials who seek more flexibility in their workplace. Be it timings, work culture, or job duties, they need breathing room to explore their talent without missing out on their personal life. So, if you’re in need of highly skilled candidates, do not rule out the option of freelancers or part-timers. They may not fit into your job descriptions but can fit in perfectly in a larger frame. So, make adjustments if needed to serve the bigger goal of your company.

Job Nurturement
Most employees tend to suffer from isolation if their skills are obsolete. So, what would you do? Handing out pink slips is the easiest thing to do and most companies do the same. However, you can smartly invest in upskilling to retain the loyal employees. Alternatively, you can give the opportunity to work in another department to learn something new. Human resources are an asset and should not be dispensed at the drop of a hat. Instead get them on board for other challenges where they can do well. Remember, the employees working for years are already culturally groomed for your company. Play smart and invest in imbibing new learnings allowing them to uplift their level for bigger challenges.

Leverage Latest Technologies
Latest advances in technology has been shaping the recruitment industry like never before. You can’t turn your eyes off to the growing dominance of mobile technology, in particular, in reaching out to a vast talent pool around the world. Whether hiring for local or international office, you can reach out to a growing number of prospective employees through mobile apps. You can post the jobs on other mobile-friendly platforms to screen the candidates in no time. Aim it right to hit the bull’s eye.

In the end,
As talent crunch chokes companies around the world, hiring managers are scavenging for effective ways and means to access and absorb the right candidates. However, it requires truck load of patience and perseverance from the decision makers.

You can save all the hassles whilst partnering with an experienced job consultant. With a comprehensive network of active job seekers, we have an easy access to a vibrant pool of talented candidates for different industry verticals.