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Hiring decisions continue to dominate the priority list of business leaders around the world. Getting the right candidate for the right job seems to be a corporate sermon for most companies. Any failure to live up to that only makes things difficult for the company.

Talent acquisition professionals have a daunting task ahead to filter the right candidate for the vacant job positions. However, some still manage to seam through it all to get the most competent breed of employees every new fiscal.

Whilst a lot is harped upon prevalent skill gap, there is no denial over the imperatives of the competency hiring system. A competency-based system allows hiring managers to identify the exact competencies needed to do the job well. When integrated well across the recruitment cycle, favorable outcomes can be achieved to shape the company rightly.

Let us take a look how incorporating competency-based system in hiring strikes the right chord with employers:

Dissolve Bias
Hiring bias continues to haunt recruiters and managers alike. Be it race, religious inclination, gender or any other parameter, bias can be extremely detrimental for the pursuit to hire candidates on merit. Having competency-based hiring system sets clear guidelines for the hiring managers. Regardless of the lingering discrepancies, only candidates scoring well on required competencies hold the chance to go ahead. It sets up an objective criterion for hiring managers and hence the scope of bias eliminates on its own.

Hiring programs need to set the bar high for other companies to emulate. Competency based recruitment promotes structured interviews which are touted to be more accurate unlike the unstructured. So, once you have clear cut criteria to hire, you are less likely to spend time on drafting irrelevant questions.

Future Performance
Core competencies are drafted based on identifying the crucial performance drivers as demonstrated by the star employees. The key information deducted out of competency-based hiring model helps in improving the training and development programs, and performance management of employees. It sets forth a benchmark for other employees to pursue to upskill and grow within the company.

Legit Feedback
Hiring managers often have a tough time reasoning out over their final decisions. Applicants prefer honest feedback if they are rejected during the course of hiring. With competency-based criteria, managers have an advantage to come out with reasonable justification to choose one candidate over another for the said job. Also, the turned down candidates get a fair sense as to what all to learn or train for to apply elsewhere in the same domain.

Reduced Turnover
Having hired a competent employee can only rule out the possibility of frequent turnovers. So, if employees are serving after successfully triumphing over the competency challenge, then they are less likely to quit the job. For that matter, even hiring managers would be more confident of their decision and would allow the selected candidates to flourish and demonstrate their inherent talent.

To conclude with …
Hiring strategies continue to change as the challenge grows to find the most suitable candidate for the jobs. Despite of all the precautions taken, there can be hurdles found to perfect the recruitment system in most of the companies. For instance, there are job roles whose competencies are hard to define or quantify. So, a better judgement is needed for such cases.

Having said that, you can dodge the loopholes whilst hiring a professional job consultancy to meet all your talent needs. Whatever be your stiff competency requirements, you can bank on our skilled job consultants to guide you through.